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cherry trees

gloucestershire,gloucester, United Kingdom Gb

i have 2 cherry trees BUT this is the 2nd year of planting and no sign of a bud there are fragments of old buds but nothing to call a bud are they dead they are stella or is this a usual thing for this time of year.thanks

On plant bigalfie



I wouldn't worry yet Alfie. I have 3 trees, one is a 'Stella' and it is *just* showing buds now as is the 'Sunburst'. The morello still looks asleep. Just scratch a tiny bit of bark off newer growth (presumably last years). If it is green wood underneath they are still alive and kicking.


16 Feb, 2009


Birds can sometimes eat away the buds (blue tits usually). I hope you planted them properly, made a nice hole, extra compost etc and watered them, although last year's weather!! Fingers crossed for you.

16 Feb, 2009

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