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Bottle brush pruning

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Hi, have been looking up to see how to prune a bottle brush and have found too many answers. Please help. I have a new potted one whilst my neighbour has an established one which has the fir cone effect old flowers on it. Should these be pruned off or is it all right to leave them as they look very effective and she still gets flowers every year? Google says I should prune my new one back hard for the first 3 years.



I always take the flowers off as soon as they fade, or the new leaves start growing at the top of the flowered stem, leaving a dead 'head' between the leaves without foliage. Other than that, I don't prune, and you certainly shouldn't at this time of year, its too late in the season for this slightly tender shrub.. Wait till spring, nip off any winter damaged branches and leaves, then cut after flowering.

21 Aug, 2011


Taking the opposite view, my bottlebrush doesn't receive any regular pruning. When it is starting to get too large, I remove some of the branches completely to reduce the spread (and open up the middle if it is getting congested)

21 Aug, 2011

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