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how far apart do i plant my laylandi conifers to make an hedge



Plant them about 11/2 -2ft apart, let them grow to about 18"-2ft higher than you want the hedge, then cut them back to the height you want, this will give a bushier hedge, which you can trim annually. derekm

21 Aug, 2011


That would be good for a hedge about 4 ft. tall. I would plant them farther apart for a taller hedge--rule of thumb: as far apart as 1/2 of the planned height, and expect the hedge to be that deep (distance from front to back) at the base. Further tips: trim it so the base is slightly wider than the top, to keep the hedge full to the base; and never, ever let it get out of control. It never looks right again if you have to chop it back by yards to bring it back into size.

22 Aug, 2011


A warning from me - you have to be prepared to prune them at regularly because they grow a huge amount in just one year and if left too long the inner branches die off and will not regrow.

22 Aug, 2011


Yes, all respect to Derekm, but I would expect a 'Leylandii' hedge to need pruning several times a year, to keep it under control.

22 Aug, 2011

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