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my lawn is sodden

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having recently moved into my house i have discovered that the ground is heavy clay and the lawn is waterlogged, although it slopes gently it fails to drain. What is the best way to solve this are land drains the best answer??



Hi Janandchris. Welcome to GOY. This was covered a few days ago. Check out Socrates blog "my garden is full of clay......" on 13th Feb. So many of us have this awful problem. Good luck.

14 Feb, 2009


PS. As for the lawn, if you can bear the effort just go over it prodding with a fork. It justs needs airiating. This might help out now but it wont solve the problem longterm.

14 Feb, 2009


I have just the same problem in my garden but I have managed to greatly improve it by prodding it with a fork, as suggested by Hillyc, but then I brush sharp sand into the holes made by the fork. You can buy a piece of equipement that actually removes plugs of soil and this would probably be even better if you want to spend the money.

14 Feb, 2009


This is the best I could find:

UK website:

15 Feb, 2009

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