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my garden is full of clay and holds water.What can i do?

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Dig it over ASAP and let any frost break down the clods. Then in the spring, dig in lots of organic material and horticultural grit, even some sharp sand, too. (NOT builders' sand). Then, whenever you plant anything, make the hole large and back-fill wirh compost. Every late autumn/winter, spread a thick mulch of compost over the ground, too.

The expensive option is to lay drainage pipes.

13 Feb, 2009


Grow plants which thrive in those conditions eg. Rodgersia, Gunnera, Rheum, various Ferns and carniverous plants, plus put in a thirsty tree like a willow to help dry it out.

13 Feb, 2009


the problem is that if your garden is NOT sodden in the summer, some of the moisture loving plants suggested will not put up with being dry. Check out my website: for some free advice (you can also request a free fact sheet containing a list of plants via the web site_

13 Feb, 2009


I have exactly the same problem. The water can take days to drain away. What Spritz has suggested is spot on. I have had a few disasters planting moisture loving plants, as clay turns to concrete in the summer !!

13 Feb, 2009


Yes i have the same problem with waterlogging, best thing is lots and lots of sharp sand/grit/ and oragnic material, you will need to do this every year as i have over the past 3 years, mine is improving slowly, i put lots of rotted manure on the top every autumn and let the rain and worms work in through the soil. good luck

15 Feb, 2009

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