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How do you grow clematis from a shoot or seed.

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Seeds can be sown in autumn and placed in a coldframe, they take several months to germinate.

Stem cuttings, 4-5" long with two buds at the base should be taken in June-July, use rooting compound and insert in pots of half peat, half sand. They need bottom heat to root. Once they have rooted, pot them up individually in 3" pots and over-winter in a frost-free greenhouse. Pot them on as necessary. They should be ready to plant out in the following October.

There's also layering, which means pegging down a long shoot into the soil at a node. The roots can take up to 12 months to root enough to detach the small plant and pot it up.

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12 Feb, 2009


You can also do inter-nodal cuttings, see:

12 Feb, 2009


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12 Feb, 2009


Just remembr that named varieties do not come true from seed, so what you sow is not necessarily what you will get!

12 Feb, 2009

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