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Problem with moss.

Co Tyrone, United Kingdom Gb

Every year i experience same problem, heavy moss covering my lawn. This year it seems to be particularly bad though. Just wondering what other gardeners do to combat the "moss" problem? Thanks!



Scarifying may be the answer. Use a thin-tined rake to rake off the moss and other debris from the lawn, then spike the lawn with a garden fork or special spiked "shoes" to aerate it.

12 Feb, 2009


Dos your lawn get a bit waterlogged? You need to scarify it all off, then poke some holes in with a garden fork, then I heared that sprinkling some sand in to aid drainage, you can then re-seed any bare patches. Hope this advice helps.

12 Feb, 2009


Scarafying is a must also look at drainage in lawn a spring treatment with sulphaye of irion will kill moss but lawn will look unsightly until new groth. Love your pics

12 Feb, 2009



12 Feb, 2009



12 Feb, 2009

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