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Inertet Question.

devon, United Kingdom Gb

while trying to upload photo's to GOY ige get a message saying "this page is unavialable, this is becouse you may not be connected to the internet," and yet i have no trouble connecting to my Bank account,
If i am not mistaken am i not on the internet when connected to GOY in the first place, i am totaly bemused,



It's not a problem with your internet connection or you wouldn't have been able to post that message.

It could be a temporary problem with the GOY website.. I'll try and upload a picture myself and test that.

Edit: Nope I can upload pictures fine. What is the exact error you're getting?

11 Feb, 2009


Hi rydeboyz, the problem seems to have resolved itself,
I do appretiate your your responce, thank you so much,

11 Feb, 2009


No problem, glad it's sorted!

11 Feb, 2009

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