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Where can I get a Stamfuchsia
from. I lost mine with the frost.
It was beautiful



Sorry I know of Fuchsias but not of a Stamfuchsia...

16 Aug, 2011


I've just had a look around trying to work out what plant you could mean, Liquirice. Can you come up with another name for it that we might recognise?
Or a photo? Did you take any in previous years?

16 Aug, 2011


Ah I think I've cracked it someone asked a question about a Stam fuchsia on GoY before this was Fractal's comment:

Just Dutch label varieties. Stam just means stem (standard)

They aren't hardy Liquirice so you will lose them to frost unless you bring into a conservatory. You just need to look for a Standard Fuchsia try this nursery

16 Aug, 2011


Or you can train your own, it only takes about 3 years. Best with a hardy variety, but still protect in a cool house in the winter.

17 Aug, 2011

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