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west sussex, United Kingdom

i have tried to keep a few differant maple trees. but their leaves go brown at the end and dry up.could it be the sea air and wind that dose this ?.



Sea air and wind will do for most trees. If these are the Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) then yes this is why the trees ar not doing well. Ordinary field Acers will survive better but the salt could still cause a problem.

15 Aug, 2011


thankyou for your reply moon grow. i will give up on japanese maples.

16 Aug, 2011


Probably the best thing to do

16 Aug, 2011


Hi Annedd2011, I think Mg is wrigth, try Acer psaudoplatanus, if you want a big tree or Acer glabrum if you prefer, a smallone. I got some seeds for you very hardy from my garden, of both if you like to swap seeds.

19 Aug, 2011


Gummib grow trees from seed is a long process I would suggest Ann simply goes and buys if she decides she wants.

Just for the record Acer pseudoplatanus is far too big for any normal sized garden and Acer glabrum also grows to 9 metres - not what I would call a small tree!

20 Aug, 2011

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