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Problems with Clematis...

Having recently sorted my problems with Clematis Corona, I would now like you to kindly look at these two further clematis plants, purchased at the same time, two years ago.

Images 1 and 2:
The first is Jackmanii superba. It is planted on an east facing fence, feet very definitely in the shade, head...such as it the dappled shade of a tree.As you can see from the two images, it has done very little in two years. It's thin and straggly, despite feeding and pruning in Spring. Its foliage is nil!

Images 3 and 4:
The second plant is Ernest Markham, good green foliage...but NO flowers...ever! it looks as though it will flower...and then NOTHING! Both should be in flower now. This has been planted in an obelisk container, fed, watered and its head in full sun on a patio.



Ooops! I have confused you! I updated the question by adding extra photos but, of course, that is not the order you are now seeing.

Image 1 is the Ernest Markham
Image 1 is the jackmanii of!
Image 3 is the Ernest markham...different view.

I will add another question with the better images of Jackmanii superba! Bear with me...this has been one of those days!

15 Aug, 2011


What size is the container for Ernest Markham?

16 Aug, 2011

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