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I.D. please.
Another pop-up under one of my brooms, it looks lovely, but what is it?




This is Linaria or Toadflax. You seem to have the taller type with snapdragon like flowers. They are perrenials but tend to be short lived.

15 Aug, 2011


i dont know Pam, it's a bit of a strange one, the stems are very red, very sturdy and almost horizontal and none of the linarias seem to grow like that.
the seed heads are in a crown around the stem and hard and sharp like thistles.
but i agree , its the closest i had come to.
Unless i am totally on the wrong track and it is actually a cultivated plant, i had only been thinking wild flowers.
thanks for your answer.

15 Aug, 2011



15 Aug, 2011

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