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can you compost down old compost from containers which have had flowers in?



Yes you can put 'spent' compost in your compost bin or just spread it out on the surface of your flower beds.

15 Aug, 2011


BRILLIANT..thankyou Moon growe :)

15 Aug, 2011


As long as its disease and weed free you can but with some caution e.g Buzy lizzie compost not really recommended to reuse because of the disease affecting some of them.

15 Aug, 2011


ok Drc thanks :)

15 Aug, 2011


As advised by the Liverpool Wild Flower Centre I used this old compost to grow Wild Flower seeds, as in the wild they grow in poor soil. It was very effective, and enjoyable, but each plant went silly because it had such good growing conditions. They grew as large as a card table. Just had to get rid of them, but the Harebells are happy in a planter, and dont grow too big.

15 Aug, 2011

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