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Angus, United Kingdom Gb

a neighbour of mine has 5 hens and they get to wander they have been eating my Lobelia and now Campanula any suggestions to deter them as the owner is not keeping them enclosed



Put a fence up if I were you.

14 Aug, 2011


Keep a fox as a pet! That'll keep the blighters away! Other than that, the fence is all you can do, but it's up to your neighbour to provide that! They're his chickens, after all. Have you had a quiet word with him about them eating your plants? If not, that would be a good start. Annie

14 Aug, 2011


Also check out the local livestock laws. There may be some rules requiring them to be cooped, or something. I don't know about UK chickens, but they fly around too much to stopped by a mere fence here! : )

15 Aug, 2011


thankyou all for suggestions have had words he says he will do something?have to wait and see if he keeps hens under control

15 Aug, 2011


hi make a good sunday roast that will stop them but give him the feathers back for good measures.good luck.

15 Aug, 2011


thank you all for suggestions

26 Nov, 2012

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