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By Anns

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

Can anybody please tell me how to prune lavender bushes. I have been told to trim off the top third with a pair of garden shears and also to just dead head but I am not sure which, if either is correct.



I have just done my lavender hedge which is now 3 years old and nice and compact and a dense green mound. I cut to the base of the flowering stems and just a tiny fraction further into the new growth. That may not be what the textbooks say but it has worked well for me. I dont want to cut too deep into the plants for fear of losing them and yet enough to give it a good shape.

14 Aug, 2011


Do you cut the non flowering stems at all or just leave them.

14 Aug, 2011


Yes a light trim if necessary to give it a good shape and sometimes a bit harder on straggly side growth.

Youtube has some good video instruction clips from lavender farmers on how they do it. I think they probably prune a bit harder than I do but my little method works for me and gives me a lovely dense green non-woody hedge .

14 Aug, 2011


Thank you, that gives me a job for tomorrow.

14 Aug, 2011


Yes, just as Inverglen says. Simply shear off the flowering stem, as long as you do not go to far in to new growth you are fine.

18 Aug, 2011

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