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Wasps eating apples?
I have posted this photo as I would like to know if it is the wasp that is burrowing into my apples or are they eating something that is already in the apples, does anyone know please?




They love a bit of fruit, wasps - if you leave apples going soggy on the ground this end of the year, they'll attract loads of them. Most likely there were small holes already from something like moth larvae, and the wasps are simply enlarging them.

14 Aug, 2011


Wasps are frequently opportunistic feeders on fruit than has been damaged by something else, but rarely chew their own holes.

15 Aug, 2011


Is there anything I can use to stop the larvae burrowing?

15 Aug, 2011


Depends what the cause of the damage to the apples is - could be codling moth, could be bird pecks, could be splitting because of irregular water supply, could be apple sawfly. You will need to cut open a damaged fruit to see what's inside - if its a long tunnel to the centre which is brown, that's most likely codling moth - you can buy a pheremone trap for these to be erected in early spring - if nothing else, it at least lets you know you need to spray.

15 Aug, 2011


Yes you are correct, I just cut one open and it has a brown tunnel to the centre. Is it easy to control?

15 Aug, 2011


As I said, pheremone trap - if you've only got one apple tree, it may be enough to prevent infestation - if you have more, you may have to spray with something containing permethrin, bifenthrin, fenitrothion or pirimiphos-methyl - apply early summer with a second treatment three weeks later.

15 Aug, 2011


Thanks for the advice Bamboo.

15 Aug, 2011

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