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i needed to move my sambuca 2 weeks ago and now all the leaves have fell off have i killed it ??? please help what can i do x Dawn x



How long had the plant been in its previous position when you moved it? If it was longer than 2 years, you've damaged the root system, particularly the water seeking roots. If the plant was over 3 feet high, cut back the stems now to a foot, and water, water, water - as frequently as possible, preferably by leaving the hose on a trickle at the base for a couple of hours now, and then every 3 or 4 days after that. Even if its raining.

13 Aug, 2011


Thankyou for the advice bamboo i have got it in a large tub at the moment would i stand more of a chance with it if i put it in the ground x

13 Aug, 2011


No, not really - although if the plant was 3 years old or more, then I doubt you'd get all the roots in a large tub without cramping them up. Provided that's not the case, its actually easier to keep something well watered in a container than it is in the ground - give it a gallon every day for a week or so, and then every couple of days after that until it looks as if its started to recover (bit of new growth, maybe).

13 Aug, 2011


the plant was about 6 years old and roughly 5ft tall before i moved it, there is a little room round the roots but not much, shall i cut it back now .

13 Aug, 2011


Oh dear, that mature - you may not have any success with keeping it alive, but its worth a try. Reduce the topgrowth back to a foot all over. You do this so the plant doesn't have to support all that leafage, and can (hopefully) recover in the root area. If there are lots of stems coming up from the base, take some out at compost level.

13 Aug, 2011


Thankyou so much for the advice i will get started and hopefully will have some good news to share soon x

13 Aug, 2011


As it would be a good idea to cut back the top growth a lot to reduce the strain on the roots (as in Bamboo's first reply) you could try getting some of the bits you cut off to root. You've nothing to lose by giving it a try.

There are 2 ways you could do this
1) Take the woodier bits you've pruned off (not too woody & hard, say last year's growth) and pop them in the ground in a shady spot. Cut pieces about 18 " long & place half in, half out of the ground. Some of them may take. You'll need to keep them damp if we have a dry spell.

2) Take softer, newer growth about 6-8 inches long, strip off the leaves from the lower half and pop in a pot of compost, putting several cuttings round the edge of the pot. Put in a sheltered place out of the sun and see if they will grow.

I've been taking cuttings from my black Sambucus as I love it and had to prune it lightly. Not many have taken, but a few seem to be rooting. Good luck :-)

14 Aug, 2011


Thankyou Beattie thats a great idea and thanks for the advice : )

20 Aug, 2011

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