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My Passion Flower is living up to it's name and is getting to grips with the climbing Fushia nearby.

Do I just leave it or do I need to seperate them?



Up to you really - the passiflora will probably smother the Fuchsia by end of September, but maybe you don't mind that.

11 Aug, 2011


I would definitely keep my pruners handy!

11 Aug, 2011


I've never heard of a climbing fuchsia - more details anybody?

12 Aug, 2011


It is called Lady Boothby, quite new but most GCs seem to be stocking them.
They grow to 5 or 6ft high but are not a true climber and have to be supported.
They are also hardy.

12 Aug, 2011


They've been around for years, or at least, Lady Boothby has, it was a remarketing exercise sometime in the last 5 years -rebranded 'climbing fuchsia'. Frankly, it climbs about as much as I do - i.e., not at all, lol! Has an upright growth habit though, but, as someone else has said, needs support.

12 Aug, 2011


So another good idea bites the dust...

12 Aug, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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