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Hi there .. i don't get on here much but could anybody tell me what Clematis this is.? We have it growing in our garden but have lost the tag !




Look at C 'Mrs N.Thompson', C 'FireWorks' or possibly C 'General Sikorski'? Can I ask how big this flower is across?

11 Aug, 2011


Is it in flower right now, looking like this? Did it flower earlier in the year, and were the flowers the same, or different?

11 Aug, 2011


Unfortunately the Clematis died from Wilt it had been growing healthy & vigorously with up to 8 inch across flowers, we now have only the photo's of it & lost the tag & needed to know the name so we could relpace it . Thanks for all your help & will look it up again
John & Gillian

11 Aug, 2011


If it died of wilt recently it may well grow again. Google the following link and follow the advice to give your clematis the best possible chance of survival. There is only one thing I disagree with and that is that the plant roots need to be in shade. They need to be in well draining moist soil.

12 Aug, 2011

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