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Removing ivy


By Kenho

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, Need to know the method of permantly removing ivy. Had a request from a neighbour who hates hers, and I'm fed up trimming it back from our shared fence
Many Thanks



Cut through each stem (or trunk if it's as big as that!) at the base, taking a 'slice' out so that you know it's cut completely. It will take a while to die - if it is covering the fence, it could be several months before the leaves drop off When it's dead, it is easier to pull off the tendrils.

Keep an eye open for new growth from the roots.

8 Feb, 2009


We used an ivy killer gell, applied with a rubber gloved hand to leaves (important, this) then protected it with plastic.

It still takes months, and ivy roots are surprisingly difficult to dig out.

9 Feb, 2009


Hi Kenho,
If you scroll back down the questions to 31st. Jan. we had a good discussion on removing Ivy. You might find some help there.

9 Feb, 2009

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