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help, my backyard needs a revamp!

co.antrim, United Kingdom Gb

i live in the middle of a terraced st and have a tiny rectangular backyard of 25ft x 9ft,it gets the morning sun which shines mainly on one side due to the wall of the next house.
i'm looking for advise on how i can make this an interesting spot. maybe a couple of small trees that can be grown in lrg pots,a trellis with flowering climber,any plants that don't mind shade.
any suggestions and advice would be greatly apprieciated as i am totally GREEN when it comes to gardening.

i have a posted a pic of my yard as it is now. there are 3 steps on the otherside leading to the kitchen door .




Grenville is the expert on courtyard gardens, Blueclipse. You can send him a message in case he doesn't see your question - and look at his photos at the same time to see what can be done.

Type 'Grenville' into the search box (top right) and then click on the first link - on his page, there is a link to 'send a private message'.

I know he'll help.

8 Feb, 2009


is your yard Lshaped Blueclipse, That corner where your bins are is crying out for a mirror, Plants for shade, you can,t go wrong with hostas, just google Hostas or Look on GOY search box, Brill Plants of different shades and Leaf texture also lilac flowers in late summer, there perrenial which means they die off end of summer and come to life again in spring.. Theres a couple of suggestions and im sure more Goyers will come along with even better ideas than me :))) ... Dee...

8 Feb, 2009


Hi Blueclipse, Grenville here. Please take a look at our photos. If you would like some help please send a PM and we can make a start with some ideas.It's a shame you live so far from Bristol, otherwise you could visit and see the garden. We also have a narrow area at the side of the house which caters for shade - loving plants and woodland species along with 5 varieties of clematis.Look forward to hearing from you.
All best wishes,

8 Feb, 2009


Oooh and Ferns, Great for Shade...

8 Feb, 2009

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