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can i use the dried flower blooms from the arizona sun dwarfs as seeds to re grow more



Not unless they have viable seeds. Look and see if the seeds are there, in the centres of the flowers. If you can collect them, then it's worth a try to grow some more. Even then, the new flowers may not be the same as the ones on the parent plant.

Good luck!

9 Aug, 2011


whats viable meen ?

9 Aug, 2011


they r what i call seed like on the inner parts like marigolds

9 Aug, 2011


ok i got it tyty

9 Aug, 2011


Viable means will grow... which would require them to have been pollenated. If this is a hybrid which I think Gaillardia grandiflora 'Arizona Sun' is then the seeds will likely be sterile or produce a plant that looks like one of the parents.

10 Aug, 2011

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