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I wondered if anyone could help - just got back off my hols and found my orchids covered in this white bug. I have tried wiping it off but seems to be coming back. If anyone can help is there a remedy???
Thanks again for your help.




They look like scale insects to me. You may have to get some spray to treat the orchids. Make sure you spray the leaves outside, though - and shield the flowers.

9 Aug, 2011


Mealybugs, Spritz. Same treatment as for scale, though. Be extra thorough in spraying, Lmg, because they hide in the doggonedest places!

9 Aug, 2011


Thanks this a great help - looks like a trip to a garden centre to find a spray - theres always a good excuse and normally end up coming out with with everything but what I first went in there for!!

10 Aug, 2011


Ooops! Thanks, Tug.

12 Aug, 2011

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