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ivegot a lawn thats got a lot of un wanted thorney plants how can i get rid of them with out damaging lawn every time i mow we seem to get more



Hello David, have you tried some lawn weed and feed? You water it in, I think, and it does the job for you. If there's a lot this weed you may need to seed the bare patches afterwards, but you'd have to leave it for a while to let the weed killer die down. There should be instructions on the packet, anyway. A picture of the weed would be helpful, so that we could identify it and then be more helpful. With some weeds you can just dig them out with a narrow trowel, but others have long tap roots. Hope this is helpful. You'll get the lawn weed killer from any garden suppliers. Good luck with it, Annie (Cumbria)

9 Aug, 2011


Thorny? could this be thistles? or you may have suckers coming from a tree or shrub nearby? A photo would help?

9 Aug, 2011


Perhaps you mean brambles ?
These thorny, spiney runners will invade a lawn (or border).
They could well be coming through from the neighbours garden - i'd be inclined to apply a spot application of weedkiller onto the foliage (use newspaper to protect the other area).

9 Aug, 2011


If you have a pyracantha nearby, particularly if used as hedging, the thorny shoots maybe coming off the roots if they've extended into the lawn.

9 Aug, 2011

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