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Garden weeds -I have literally hundreds of a certain weed - quite attractive - with a shamrock shaped leaf, and small yellow flower - is it a pest? and how best to get rid of it -please?



It definitely is a pest, it's Oxalis corniculata (creeping wood sorrel). It grows from little tiny tubers in the ground and has explosive seed pods that scatter its seed far and wide. Keep pulling it up - that's the best method of control that I've found. Tried Roundup and found pulling out works better. Don't compost it though - I think it's resilient enough to come through the composting process unharmed.

9 Aug, 2011


Weed, weed and weed some more is the only way with this one. I agree with Beattie don't put in your compost send to the municipal composting site.

9 Aug, 2011


Or incinerate it on a bonfire with woody garden waste - if you're allowed bonfires where you live.

9 Aug, 2011


I pull out every bit I see and still it keeps coming. When I think I introduced it myself because I thought it was so pretty and dainty...16 years and two gardens on, and its still there. Not wishing to discourage you or anything...

9 Aug, 2011

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