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WOULD ANYONE WANT TO START A SEED SWAP HERE! trying to see if there's interest in the idea and how would it would be set up as i can see problems of privacy when giving out your mailing address p.o. boxes maybe .........any ideas?




There was a proper seedswap on here which the boys said they stopped doing because of lack of interest/use. It had a separate page and was set up very well, but little used I found I got no takers when I offered seeds.

8 Aug, 2011


Love your garden, the mix of colours looks fantastic. Am up for swapping seeds but my worry is that you will have almost everything in my garden!

8 Aug, 2011


Seed swap as Drc states did not work... Would suggest you just put out that you have particular seeds and ask GoYers to pm you.

8 Aug, 2011


I could never remember where the seed swap area was which may have been why it was used so little - it was rather hidden away as I recall.
I'm not really after anything, but I do have a lot to give away.............

8 Aug, 2011


Great Idea. I am up for seed swap if I can collect any :)

9 Aug, 2011

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