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Long Stemmed Flowers.


By Kenho

Northumberland, United Kingdom

Hi All. Can anyone out there tell me how to grow long stemmed flowers as you see in florists. E,g carnations, chrysanths, roses, etc.
Any info will be appreciated and worked on .

Thanking you in anticipation.



Hi Kenho,
Most of the flowers in a florists are grown in bulk, in a large greenhouse to one kind of flower.
I have grown long stemmed flowers under fixed cultural conditions i. e. Chrysanthemums ,sweet peas,carnations etc.
You can find the way to do this in many books or Google for cultural information.

6 Feb, 2009


Hi, as an, I have seen carnations & chrysanths growing as tall as 6ft. They are always grown under glass & depend on extra light in the winter. Lights are put on as early as three in the afternoon. To keep them upright & growing this tall, they are grown in squares of string, the taller they get they put another row of string. Of course they may have a more modern method now, as I am going back a few years, when for a short while I worked in a carnation nursery doing just that. We used to have to stand on milk crates to reach the flowers to cut them. As a florist & living in Cornwall, I used to buy local chrysanths grown this way, also Alstromeria is grown the same. A lovely sight to see a glasshouse with flowers nearly to the top. I hope this answers a few things.

7 Feb, 2009


If you grow sweet peas on the cordon method you can get them on longer stems. Gladioli naturally have long stems.Also I think the commercial growers disbud sprays to get just one flower on some plants. Tall Antirrhinum varieties are quite good.

7 Feb, 2009

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