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I recently bought some young plants from B&Q, they were perfectly healthy when i put them into my mini-greenhouse, but now thet are wilting and the leaves are turning yellow, recently i put in a small parafin heater to keep it frost free, my Question can the Parafin heater be causing the wilting of these plants,does the obvious fumes from the burning parafin harm the plants in any way? I have no ventillation in this small greenhouse, could that be it, and can i save the plants if i remove them, ??

UPDATE , the plants are Fuschias and petunias ( trailing ) i bought them for my baskets, i have been keeping an eye on the temp and it hasnt dropped below 40 degress at any time, tho im thinking the greenhouse isnt getting enough ventillation, i`ll try opening the door for a few hours during the day, i have move the plants to a cold frame with a tiny heater, just to combat the frost, i`ll keep an eye on them, hopefully they will recover




What flavour (species/variety) are the plants, ie are they tender or hardy plants, are they shrubs, perennials or annuals.
I ask this to establish whether the plants are susceptible to frost. Your heater may keep the worst of cold temperatures at bay but we have had some very cold nights recently and your greenhouse might have gone below freezing even with the heater.
Are you sure that the plants are not annuals....I accidentally bought some annual Rudbeckia from BQ in the autumn. They were lovely for a couple of weeks but then they were finished.
Also, apart from the very cold days it is offen a good idea to open the door a wee crack to allow a change of air in the greenhouse, even if only for daylight hours. The plants should benefit from a little ventilation.
And finally, don't bin the plants until May, as they might reward you with new shoots once the better weather comes.

6 Feb, 2009


It could well be the lack of ventilation, Peedee. The best way of ventilating is opening the door whenever it's possible (but remember to close it again!) even if it's only a few minutes. Paraffin heaters create a lot of moisture in the air which could be the cause.

It's recommended to get some ventilation in ANY greenhouse whenever possible.

What plants are they? Could you take them elsewhere suitable for a while and see if they recover?

6 Feb, 2009


I'm worried that you say 'mini greenhouse' - is it one of those little upright things or a coldframe? I expect your parafin heater is designed for a much bigger greenhouse and is therefore in too close proximity to your plants, over heating them. What are the plants??

6 Feb, 2009


I sent you a PM about the fuchsias - they are in their dormant period and mine have been cut back and kept pretty dry until I start them off again in the spring. It is very early to have petunias growing. I'm surprised you found any!

6 Feb, 2009

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