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By Hadrian

cumbria, United Kingdom Gb

do i require a grow light bulb or not,i have a 10ft by 8ft shed no daylight in.i would like to put some 4ft palm trees in over winter,don/t want them to grow just live. i have a 150wat bulb in i thought it might do. if i require a grow bulb what size would do. the palmtrees are trachycarpus princeps blue i have over 20 all 3to5ft tall dont whant to lose them
thank you

On plant Trachycarpus



You will definitely need a gro light in there if there is no light at all, otherwise they will die. Don't know about the strength though. Maybe contact the supplier? I hope that you don't get a visit from the police thinking that you are growing cannabis! They go round will infra red cameras to search out unusual heat sources (lofts etc) where plants are growing!! Maybe they would know how many bulbs you would need!! LOL!

7 Aug, 2011


What type of palms are they?, if they,re trachycarpus they don,t need any winter protection

7 Aug, 2011


For 4 ft. Trachys, I would use a 150 watt equivalent bulb--"gro", full spectrum, soft white, or whatever--for each palm. Or an array of four, 4 ft. fluorescent tubes for every 2 palms. 30% less light might let them survive, but watch for yellowing and softening at the base of the newest fronds. That is a symptom of insufficient light.

7 Aug, 2011


thank you good advice will do

8 Aug, 2011

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