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i have a 15 feet veg plot but i can not get rid off the weeds iv siveved the soil dug them out but they still return help



You haven't said what kind of weeds you're talking about - some leave seeds in the ground which then germinate, particularly if the ground is turned over or cultivated, and continue to germinate and grow periodically. Others are pernicious, serious weeds which can't be eliminated easily, such as Japanese Knotweed, bindweeds, ground elder etc. Still others are just very deep rooted, and unless you get the whole root and all its pieces out they regrow.

7 Aug, 2011


thanks most of them have little fluffy faires could i put a membrain down. put a wall up and put new soil over it with the mem brain in

7 Aug, 2011


"Little fluffy faires" - what does that mean? Do you mean they have fluffy seed heads which blow in the wind, like a dandelion? And no, no point at all, is the answer to your suggestion at this stage, whatever the weed is, with windblown seeds, they'll grow in your new soil anyway by seeding. Any chance of a photograph of the weed?

7 Aug, 2011


Cliff all vegetable, and flower, gardens have weeds it is simply a matter of removing them before they set seed. If your vegetable plot has been sitting unworked for a while the minute you dig it all the seeds sitting in the soil will start to germinate. Putting a membrane down would be a waste of time as you need a good depth of soil to grow most vegetables. As Bamboo says a photo of the particular weed you are concerned about would be useful - might be a willow herb.

Our vegetable garden isn't weed free but is still extremely productive. In fact at this time of year it is impossible to get into the peas and broad beans well enough to weed. Good to dig out weeds such as dandelions and buttercups but annual weeds you will always have.

7 Aug, 2011

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