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How can ivstop my courgette plants taking over the veg patch?

My courgette plants have gone mad with loads of huge leaves, some with mildew. Can I cut some of the leaves out, both those with mildew and those without to let some light in for the other veggies that are getting lost beneath?

Think I need a bigger veggie patch!




I am a complete gardening novice and was given a small courgette plant by a pal at work.
Being a bit daft I named it Sydney and potted it on into a large pot and placed him on the patio.
Like yours he grew and grew attempting to take over the whole area.
I did however get 8 lovely courgettes from him.
He has now been deposited on the compost heap much to the relief of all the other plants on the patio.
I cant help you with ways to controle these brutes, but do realise how invasive they are.
RIP Sydney

6 Aug, 2011


Yes you can remove some of the leaves, and particularly the ones with mildew, to give more light to other plants.

6 Aug, 2011


Great news for my others veggies. Thanks for your help.

6 Aug, 2011



6 Aug, 2011

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