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I am hoping you can help me to identify what my lawn has been recently attacked by.
I attach a photograph of the weed (a form of knot weed?) that has appeared all over my lawn.
I have tried to extract the roots but after two weeks on holiday I have returned to find them return.
The growth itself has leaves from thin vine like roots, at the point of growth there is often a white covering on the soil, and a very small slug is often found.
The roots appear to be long.
I was hoping that you can help identify the weed and if possible recommend a treatment that I can follow to remove from my lawn permanently.
Thanks in advance for your time.
Kind Regards
Andrew Bell

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Unfortunately, this is one of the bindweeds - your only option is to keep mowing. It won't kill it, and it will spread far and wide, but mowing regularly and frequently will check its growth. You could try applying Verdone to the lawn generally, but I'm not certain it'll have much effect. Alternatively you could try painting on glyphosate, but that's difficult in a lawn because you'd need NOT to cut its topgrowth for it to have any effect.

6 Aug, 2011


I find that Verdone can work on lawn weeds but you have to apply it more than once or as may times as needed. I am having a battle with bittercress in the lawn.

6 Aug, 2011

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