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I have got a problem with a blackcurrant plant I bought this spring. It is planted in a east facing garden in the ground with a little extra manure and potash. It hasn't dried out as far as I am aware, and has been watered regularly with rest of the garden. I have had no flowers or fruit. The leaves are curled and brown with some small holes in it. Is there any hope for it? How can I treat this sick looking plant? Thanks for your help.

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Your blackcurrant bush is seriously under watered and badly planted. It is fairly obvious from the photo that the poor thing is hanging on by a wing and a prayer! You need to seriously water the bush by putting the hose at the base of the shrub and leaving it on trickle overnight at least twice a week. At the same time you need to look to replanting the shrub in October time to a far more suitable position jammed up against two walls it is never likely to do well.

I also wonder if you did not plant it more deeply than it was originally planted as this would look likely from the photo.

5 Aug, 2011


Also fruit bushes don't normally flower in their first year anyway as they should be making new roots - and if they should flower you are supposed to remove the flowers.
I hope things go better for you next year with MG's help.

5 Aug, 2011

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