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By Hamabo

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I sent this question to you yesterday and got your reply very quickly. However, my husband didn't recognise the email address & thinking it was spam deleted it!! Would you mind resending your reply. With many thanks.
I have two hibiscus plants in my garden - Hamabo (pink, red eyed) Both plants have a number of buds although nowhere near the number I've seen on the blue variety. About 50% the flowers never come out but just stay as buds and then wither on the plant or fall off. There are 2 large trees in the garden next door adjacent to the hibiscus and we have 2 trees in our own garden (one the other side of the garden & one nearer) but the hibiscus are exposed to quite a lot of sun/light during the day. Can you tell me what the problem might be or are they just poor specimens. I've had them both around 6-7 years.

One other question. I always plant bizzie lizzies in a small bed which borders the patio and usually they give a wonderful show but this year they've been really disappointing, have never come to anything much and now seem to be going limp with no flowers at all. They are well watered as we have a watering system installed. What do you think might be the problem. I'd be grateful for your thoughts/suggestions/ideas.

Thank you.




Ella go back to your original question and you will find the answer below it, the e-mail was only to let you know it had been answered and did not actually contain the answer

5 Aug, 2011


Hamabo, click on your name at the top of the page - when you get to the next page with tabs saying things like News, etc., click on Questions (the tab with a question mark) and that should show you your earlier question, with its response. It is there, I just checked. Unfortunately, the answer you got from me was in reference to the Busy Lizzies and not the Hibiscus, so regarding that, I know they can be difficult at times, but all I can tell you is that they required well drained soil, but sufficient water supply, and full sun in a sheltered, windless spot. Provide all those things and they flower, if one thing's not right, they won't.

5 Aug, 2011

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