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Name of PLANT?

Himachal Pradesh, India

Curly twisted polygonal leaves r red at start & green afterwards.,Woody Noded Stems with empty tube in middle



That looks like a Poinsettia to me - we buy them at Christmas to brighten up our homes! Latin name: 'Euphorbia pulcherrima'.

3 Feb, 2009


I totally agree Spritz it is a Poinsettia

3 Feb, 2009


I agree too, it's a Poinsettia. I have just thrown mine out. I bought it a couple of weeks before Christmas for about £2 from Asda. Great to have in the home for Christmas but I hear they're difficult to keep them going throughout the year. Certainly cheaper than a bunch of flowers and lasted far longer. Careful with the sap if you snap a leaf off, it's white sticky stuff and can irritate your skin, so wash your hands after handling it. Is this growing outside in your garden? What kind of weather are you having at the moment? These plants are quite fussy about the conditions they require in our homes over Christmas.

3 Feb, 2009

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