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By Bilsham

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We have grown soft fruits for 40 years, but in the last few years we have been unable to eat our raspberries and strawberries as they have been too acid/sharp.
It's been a great growing year, the fruit looks great, but tastes awful.
We live in the west country, our garden is quite fertile and we do not generally need to add fertiliser of any sort.
Could there be a deficiency in the soil or is it an age thing? i.e. the plants or us!!
Regards, Bilsham



Hi Bilsham,
Couldn't you just add a bit more sugar? It seems a shame not to eat all that lovely soft fruit. Ours seem to have been OK. I don't think it could be lack of feed, but perhaps they dried out too much just at the wrong time. Sorry I can't be much help. Perhaps someone else has a better answer! Annie (Cumbria)

4 Aug, 2011


What has the weather been like? If it has been cool and gray lately, they may be taking their own sweet time ripening, and you will need to wait a little longer to pick.

7 Aug, 2011

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