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I have a rosemar, its about 5 yrs old and it has never bloomed! Can anyone tell me why? Beverlybee



sorry beverley but mine is the same. I moved it fom our old house and since it's been here it's never flowered either so i will be interested to know the answer. By the way welcome, I have only just joined too - it's a great site.

2 Feb, 2009


Hi Beverleybee - and Joeanne - and welcome to GOY to both of you! I'm not really an expert on herbs and such but the question interested me so I did a bit of research. Have a look at

which might help a bit. Hope so ...

2 Feb, 2009


Are you pruning it at all? I was clipping mine quite a lot at one point and I suspect I was sometimes cutting off next spring's flowering branches. It seems to flower better now I've cut back on the cutting back (ha ha) although my one isn't all that profuse about it anyway. I'd guess some cultivars may be more free flowering than others too but which ones, I don't know.

2 Feb, 2009


I find they flower better when hard done by. Well drained sandy soil in sun and cut back after flowering or late summer. if no flowers. Give them some Rose or Tomato fertilizer atr half reccomended strength.

3 Feb, 2009

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