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POTATOES. I am pleased with the quantity and size of the potatoes but large ones have deep cuts in them. It is as though a fork has gone through them, though I have been careful when I lifted them. Also the skin of some of the potatoes have a mottled look about them. They taste very nice, though the appearance do not look attractive. Where have I gone wring again.
I can't add a photo because I don't know how.



The splitting and scabbing are probably due to uneven watering. Doesn't affect the flavour just the appearance.

4 Aug, 2011


Home grown potatoes are often less beautiful than supermarket ones because the shops won't accept any but perfect shapes. When I was little we got all sorts of funny shapes and used to make little animals with matchstick legs etc. The appearance doesn't really matter as you don't see it when they are cooked, and even the ugly ones are nicer than bought ones when they are fresh dug. Enjoy.

4 Aug, 2011


Thank you Steragram. I agree with you the potatoes do taste better than any supermarket potatoes.

6 Aug, 2011



6 Aug, 2011


All home grown veggies taste better than shop bought ones!

6 Aug, 2011

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