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I have purchased an Alnwick Hybrid Rose which I planted in March this year. The plant has produced quite a few roses but the branches holding the roses are so weak they cannot hold the rose and the whole branch and rose falls to the ground. I have tied the plant together to help but the roses tend to be limp and droop. Do you think that I planted the rose too late? I wonder if after pruning at the end of the season the bush will strenthen and will give me stronger branches next year or should I dig it up and take it back to the garden centre for replacement and accept that it is a weak plant ?



If you're talking about the Alnwick Garden rose from David Austin then my does the same thing.

This year, I've had masses of buds but, as soon as they open, they bend over.

I assumed it is because I don't know how to tend roses.

4 Aug, 2011


I've just had a look at various websites on this rose - there isn't anything mentioned about weak stems.

However, I found this:

"The two main reasons a rose will have weak stems are lack of Potassium (K) or potash ( third number on a fertilizer package) which encourages vigorous growth. Lack of it will sometimes produce yellow leaf margins which turn brown, weak stems and poorly developed buds. Also not enough sunshine will also cause weak stems."

Might that help?

4 Aug, 2011

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