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can anyone tell me what this is as i dont think its going to flower this year could be bi annual ?

Dscn7399 Dscn7399



Possibly a foxglove? If so, it will probably flower next year.

4 Aug, 2011


The leaves don't look like foxgloves to me. Did you mean to load two different photos Youngalastair? You've loaded the same one twice. Is the yellow on the leaves sunshine or virus?

4 Aug, 2011


Nariz could well be correct on this - it looks like Digitalis lanata which is native to eastern europe. Which also looks rather like the early growth of a weed that we get around here too!

4 Aug, 2011


If it is Digitalis? I dont think its a Digitalis lanata as the leaves seem too broad and the plant too squat? Perhaps Digitalis purpurea?
I thought at first 'Broad leaved Plantain' but it would have flowered by now. But perhaps it a well fed one with high Nitrogen?

4 Aug, 2011


Fair point Drc - now that the rain has stopped I've compared it to the young plants that I have coming along for next year and it is only the first few leaves that are that broad.
I tried!

4 Aug, 2011


dont know how you delete the 2nd photo? and was supposed to be a different angled shot and yes it is sunlight and yes you lot could be right looks like a digitalis maybe "lantana"or "lutea" i grew that once and the leaves do look similar ..............ive got so many of them too ive got about 20 still biding time in trays at the back ...........i do hope it is digitalis ive got now about 30-40 ive already planted ...........if it is i will let you know

4 Aug, 2011


I was thinking Digitalis Mertonensis (not sure of spelling) or Digitalis Grandiflora.

4 Aug, 2011


It looks like Digitalis lutea to me--D. x mertonensis has more of the wrinkles it inherited from D. purpurea--but there are many species of wild foxglove that have similar leaves.

7 Aug, 2011

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