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Cheshire, United Kingdom

can anybody help me with this i bought a bag of multi purpose compost from lidl put in my lobellia & morning glory in the planter and this has shooted out in the past few weeks



Looks a bit like a lily, but I'm sure you'd have noticed a lily bulb in there. I'd give it a bit of time to show its hand, unless someone ID's it as something noxious.

2 Aug, 2011


the serrated leaf suggests something from bird seed, or a weed called mugwort. but not 100%

2 Aug, 2011


Funnily enough, I've just noticed one of these in my front garden today, coming up between poppies so I'm curious to see what it is. Hubby reckons it's a plant, I reckon it's a weed that's snuck in somehow and hid amongst the plants:))

2 Aug, 2011


At first glance it looked like a lily but now I think it is something I usually class as a weed and get rid of. Let it flower maybe and then decide if not sure :)

2 Aug, 2011


they say weeds are plants that you don't want. If you don't want it i would just just pull it out and throw it away.

3 Aug, 2011

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