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I have scorched my lawn with fertiliser - something I do regularly!

Is it possible that the lawn will grow from the roots or will I need to reseed the scorched areas? Normally I reseed, but I now wonder if this is necessary.?



I would just give it a good watering with the hosepipe and leave it, it should grow back of it,s own accord.

2 Aug, 2011


Next time get some garden canes and mark out a metre square on the lawn. Weigh the amount of fertiliser recommended per square metre and put it in a little dish. Then spread that amount evenly inside the canes. Now you know how much fertiliser to put in the dish you won't have to weigh it every time, but just carry on moving the canes and doing a metre at a time, and you will not have the problem. Scorching happens when you try to do it too fast. I learned this by experience. Once it has happened you just have to wait for it to grow back.

2 Aug, 2011


Thanks for the responses and sorry for the delay in getting back..........I keep waiting for email notifications!

I actually use a lawn spreader - Evergreen Easy Spreader +, but I used the wrong setting. To make matters worse, I spread while the light was string and was unable to clearly follow the traces of the distributed fertiliser.

I have been soaking the patches (of which there are many :-(..... ) every day in the hope that it will flush out the nitrogen from the roots.

6 Aug, 2011


I reckon it would most likely be the phosphorus that did the damage rather than the nitrates, but hey, still needs washing out!

6 Aug, 2011

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