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My daughter in the reading area has a large variegated cordyline -5' from pot soil to top. Last winter, like many others, it was hit by frost & thought to be dead - the crown went brown. On my advice, they left it & in late spring it has shown green growth in the crown but also a growth around the 'trunk' at soil level of what appear to be infant plants. Should these be removed & can they be propogated or should the old large brown leaves be removed?
What do you suggest?
Rob G.



I'm no expert and I'm sure someone more knowledgable will be along, but I'm pretty sure you can only propogate cuttings from cordylines which have a root system attached. So if they are growing from the side of the truck you're better off leaving them if you want them to grow. Not sure what to do about the old dead leaves, my instinct would be remove them but I'm really not sure.

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2 Aug, 2011


I think this question has come up and been answered before so it might be worth looking back through old questions.

2 Aug, 2011


Definitely remove the old brown leaves, Rob. Unfortunately, the sprouts from the base won't survive without roots, so I would let them grow on a bit, maybe with a little thinning out, and see if they have developed their own roots next spring.

2 Aug, 2011

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