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By Kerosko

Essex, United Kingdom

Hello, I watered my Crab Apple tree yesterday. I noticed the ground cracking and the tree moved 30 degrees from the vertical with the branches touching the floor. I grabbed an Oak plank and have shored the tree up to stop it falling.(Picture 1) The crop this year is very large. The soil is 12 inches deep and then Clay. The tree faces East. Any advice would be much appreciated. (P,S I damaged a bit of the bark while shoring the tree up) Regards John.



I'm no tree expert but it sounds as though there aren't long enough roots to keep it stable, though the leaves look healthy. You will need to keep it propped up at least until it recovers, but use a support that will not cut into the bark - your plank is OK as an emergency but shouldn't be left there. I hope someone will be able to suggest why it might have happened. Keep watering.

2 Aug, 2011

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