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Hi all. My mum died recently and I took a rose in a pot from her garden as I recall buying it for her. However I know nothing about rose care. I do know that it looks poorly with a little black spot. Also it is quite ugly with a few straggly stems coming out of a gnarled ball.

Nonetheless I am quite attached to it and wondered how I might help it along and improve its shape. I do not know the variety but it is a plain old rose, not a miniature or rambler.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks



Remove any dead wood and infected leaves and dispose of carefully. When the plant is not wet spray for black spot.
Gently take off the old compost from the top as much as you can (about 1/3rd) and replace with good John Innes apply a good Rose fertilizer and a table spoon of Epsom Salts and water well. Hopefully this will do the trick short term! but you may need to plant in the garden? Good luck I am sure with some TLC it will be fine.

2 Aug, 2011


This is really helpful. Thank you. I shall pop to the garden centre now!

2 Aug, 2011



2 Aug, 2011


Good advice there, I agree, once it recovers I would plant it out. Good luck

2 Aug, 2011

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