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My bizzy lizzies have all died this year all leaves and flowers dropped off anyone else had this problem and can anyone tell me what this flower is please

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Almost everyone is having problems with their Busy Lizzies this year, Nannyann. I don't know what's causing it - weather, viruses, verticillium wilt? I think we could blame any and / or all of them.

That gorgeous blue flower could be Anchusa. A. capensis is bushier and lower growing than many other varieties. Do you know if rabbits eat it? It could be just what I'm looking for....

1 Aug, 2011


I've had exactly the same problem with my Busy Lizzies. They are usually so, so reliable - but this year - ZILCH!!

2 Aug, 2011


The blue plant also looks like Lithodora. I have it, but don't know the actual variety. I think mine might be L. diffusa 'Heavenly Blue.'

2 Aug, 2011


I wondered about Lithodora too Ojibway, but mine stopped flowering weeks ago & I assumed that this photo was taken recently. Maybe other people's Lithodoras continue flowering longer? -

Just seen the date on the photo - 22nd July.

2 Aug, 2011


My own is still flowering, but then I'm much further north and therefore behind almost everyone else.

2 Aug, 2011


How about an Anagallis monelii variety?

3 Aug, 2011


Perfect match! Thanks Tug, I reckon that's it :-) I don't suppose you know whether rabbits like to eat it, do you?

3 Aug, 2011


Thankyou to all who replied to my quetions

4 Aug, 2011


Nope, Beattie. I just found out about the plant myself, so I don't know if the bunnies like it or not. And you're welcome, Nannyann!

4 Aug, 2011

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