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Has anyone grown a Hedychium (ginger plant) from a ginger root? I have tried growing the plant from seed without success.



Are you asking about Hedychium, a tall plant with yellow flowers that smell like someone's Grandmother, or ginger like you buy in the store?

4 Aug, 2011


Thank you for coming back to me. Yes, I was asking if | could grow the tall flower you described so pungently from a piece of ginger root or does it have to be a special bulb.

5 Aug, 2011


There is a very large rhizome that gives these flowers. In the Azores, these come up naturally from seed - I was out pulling them up when I remembered your question and wanted to see if anyone had responded. But they give one stalk with flowers, and then it dies back and grows new buds on the rhizome for next year. The Portugese call them Grandmother's Smell. From seed, soak in hot water for several hours. Then sow 2mm deep and keep the soil moist but not wet at a temperature of 20 - 25*C for 2-6 weeks, maybe more (from the Rareexoticseeds website). Good luck.

5 Aug, 2011


How great to get advice direct from the Azores! thank you.
I am going to plant the piece of ginger root in a pot and see what happens. Thanks for the seed germination advice though.

7 Aug, 2011

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