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Hi guys,I'm back lol.Thanks again for all of your help with raised beds,They are doing great i have an explosion of flowers,Ithink i am losing a couple but all in all everything in garden is blooming.CHEERS...
As you may remember i am hoping to put rock garden in opposit corner(full sun most of day).I would like it to be 8 ft along wood fence and 8 ft along brick wall,1/4 circle of rocks at ground level.I would like to incorperate a waterfall from top to a small pool at front bottom,My question is,How do i begin? and apart from rocks what do i need to do this?.Am i trying to do something which may be beyond my capability,(I do have someone to do the donkey work).Thanks guys i need all the advice i can get on this one.Cheers



Good for you! Can't think why you call yourself Noidea man! Might be obvious, but don't pile the soil against the fence or it will rot it. A few big rocks set so that they imitate the natural lines of a cliff will be a lot more effective than a lot of smaller stones. Or you could have a low stone wall along the front instead of the bottom layer of rock. this would be a lot easier to keep weed free and will avid the problem of the lawn growing into the gaps.

This is just a personal thing but I would avoid those preformed waterfalls - they usually look tacky unless they are very skillfully disguised. I think you would find just the bottom pool easier to maintain and the rockery could slope naturally down to it on three sides.- you could have a little fountain in it if you want moving water.

Just a few ideas here - I'm sure lots of experienced rockery makers will have heaps of helpful advice. Had you thought of going to your local library's garden section - they will usually have books on making rockeries and pools that will give you lots of ideas and useful instructions.

1 Aug, 2011


Hi guys.Thanks for your comments Steragram,I have taken note of what you say.I feel the same way about the preformed waterfall so needless to say i will not be using one,I am hoping to buy a filltered water pump and with advise from you and other like minded people i may be able to create something to my own taste.I would prefere to make a waterfall if i can if not will settle for a fountain in pool at bottom front.The low rock wall sounds good to me, i may carry on from raised beds and put gravel path in front of wall unless i am advised not to.The library sounds good too will look into that.
Thanks again to you and everyone that responds.Cheers...John.

3 Aug, 2011


I reckon gravel is a good idea because grass tends to find its way up between rocks and is hard to get out.

4 Aug, 2011

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