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Name that Osmanthus

essex, England

hello me again, does anyone reconise, or can name this Osmanthus for me please, another one of my Wilko's £1.50 bargains...thank you.



Hi Majee I have the Heterophyllus and the Delavayi and I think this one of yours is the Variegatus creamy white edged leaves which flowers in September-October. It does not mention that it has holly like leaves though The Heterophyllus certainly has holly like leaves but mine are more yellow edged than white. Hope it is of some help.

1 Feb, 2009


Hi Majee. I still have the label on mine - Osm. Tricolor.It certainly looks the same. Speckled, holly type leaves- green, gold and silver. Its doing well.

1 Feb, 2009


thanks both of you, I do know this is an Osmanthus, just the variety i am stuck on, so 'Tricolour' sounds good, thanks Hillyc

1 Feb, 2009


I still think it's O. heterophyllus 'Goshiki', probably - when it grows up!

1 Feb, 2009


If you carry on like this majeek, we're going to have to ban you from shopping in Wilko's - lol

1 Feb, 2009


are you jellous of my bargains Andrew?

2 Feb, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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