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Can anybody identify this plant which a friend has found in his garden? I've looked through my gardening books but have been unable to work out what it is? The plant is in a garden in Bristol & just appeared!




Cerinthe major. One of my favorites.

1 Aug, 2011


Lucky friend! The plant improves as the season progresses and has many subtle colours according to the light variation during the day.

1 Aug, 2011


Wonderful! You could ask your friend to collect some seeds for you - they're large and easy to remove once the flowers start going over. Plant them straight out when you get them. Your friend will get seedlings popping up in unexpected places, too. :-0)

1 Aug, 2011


Thank you, Wylie. I had looked hard but even my copy of the RHS Gardeners' Encyclopedia doesn't list it. (Though it is the 1990 version, so maybe it wasn't know in UK then). I have found it as seeds from Thompson & Morgan, so obviously it is recognised as a garden pant now.

I shall definitely ask for some seeds, Spritz, as it looks like an easy plant to grow and your photos certainly bear out Pennyfarthing's comments.

Thank you all. Much appreciated

2 Aug, 2011

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